About GP&A, LLC: A 360-degree business consultancy company

Tired of bringing in consultants who have never run a business, or who lack the
knowledge (or contacts) to help take your organization to the next level of performance?
We have assembled the best and the brightest -- proven management experts -- and our
team can handle any challenge. From start-up to exit strategies, we can help you achieve
your business goals.

Glynn Patrick & Associates, LLC, based in Central Illinois, provides business owners and
executives with advanced management tools, training and resources. Our services are
tailored to your needs and include 360-degree evaluations, strategic planning assistance,
strategic communications, sales force development, customer experience analysis and
training, and executive coaching assistance.

Need a business specialist trainer? We specialize in executive-level training, but also
have a speaker's bureau for special events, keynotes, emcee and roundtable moderation.
We also offer sales training, retreat work, mystery shopping and customer service training.

Sample our business management and training blogs at www.Glynn-Patrick.com.

GP&A works on a project fee or retainer basis. We do not bill for the initial
one-hour consultation beyond travel expenses. Our work primarily is concentrated
in the Galesburg-Macomb-Peoria-Quincy area and the Madison-Milwaukee-Chicago
corridor, but we accept all inquiries and will travel if it makes sense for both client
and GP&A.
jgp@glynnpatrick.com to
inquire about services
tailored to your business
Power when you need it most.